2022 Annual Report

Pension Fund 2 of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland)

2022 Annual Report

Pension Fund 2 of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland)

As of December 31, 2022

Key figures

Total assets (CHF)

836 mn

Active participants’ liabilities (CHF)

802,6 mn

Number of active participants


Balance sheet

Total assets836786
Active participants’ liabilities803753
Actuarial provisions910
Reserve for fluctuations in asset value
Termination benefits and pensions1311
Operative account20222021
Employee contributions6968
Employer contributions8683
Purchase amounts3545
Net return on investments9252
Termination benefits on leaving the Pension Fund5550
Lump-sum payments on retirement119


Since the beginning of 2022, insured participants have been able to choose from two new investment funds that supplement the six existing Mixta-BVG funds.

Performance of the Mixta vehicles in 2022

CSA Low-Risk Strategy CHF G-0.81-0.73
CSA Mixta-BVG 15 G-9.414.63
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 25 G-10.715.94
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 35 G-11.348
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 45 G-12.4110.24
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 65 Real G-15.11-
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 75 G-16.7218.22
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 100 G-19.51-

The individual performance of the investment vehicles of insured participants may differ from the figures shown here as a result of capital inflows and outflows.

Portfolio investments

InvestmentsCHFNumber of insured participants invested
CSA Low-Risk Strategy CHF G137,341,3514,073
CSA Mixta-BVG 15 G80,995,066632
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 25 G93,662,980852
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 35 G152,485,7881,127
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 45 G152,085,2621,064
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 65 G28,858,333257
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 75 G117,646,1011,212
CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 100 G29,336,658494

Portfolio investments – breakdown in CHF

Portfolio investments – breakdown by number of insured participants invested

Number of active participants

Approx. 53% of active participants in the Pension Fund are also insured with Pension Fund 2.

Number of insured participants as of December 31, 2022

Active participants Pension Fund
Active participants Pension Fund 2
Active participants Pension Fund18,24417,844
Active participants Pension Fund 29,7119,505

Active participants

The largest age category, comprising 3,439 active participants, is participants between 45 and 54 years old.

Age category as of December 31, 2022

Total number of acitve participants9,7119,505